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Consumer Sentiments: Commercial and Recreational Drones

Drones for delivery, photography and videography are a few uses we keep hearing every now and then. CTA conducted a consumer research to explore how U.S. online adults perceive an expanding array of potential uses of drones. In addition, the report provides a glimpse into how many U.S. online adults have purchased a drone or have at least flown one in the recent past. The main objectives of this report are:

  • Understand consumer awareness of various terminologies used for drones and what they associate a drone with
  • Consumer level of favorability towards multiple recreational and commercial use cases of drones
  • Understand what are consumer’s concerns about using drones for commercial and recreational purposes
  • Understand drone ownership and purchase intent among U.S. online adults
  • Assess how many are aware of ‘Know Before You Fly’ campaign and overall importance of campaign guidelines