Innovation Scorecard

What is the Innovation Scorecard?

The Innovation Scorecard, produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, is a yearly index that evaluates 50 U.S. states innovation-friendly policies.


States are graded on ten indicators – quantitative and qualitative – including undergraduates earning STEM degrees and laws governing emerging new technologies. The composite score of each grade determines a state’s overall distinction, Innovation Champions (the highest ranking), Innovation Leaders, Innovation Adopters or Modest Innovators.

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The 2017 Scorecard Overview

New Categories

During our third annual Innovation Scorecard, we added two new metrics to our calculation:

  • A state’s ability to recruit the best and brightest, we looked at laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • A state’s regulatory framework for self-driving cars, the key to the future of expanded mobility.


Over the past year, several states took action on issues such as ridesharing and homesharing, and electronics recycling. States received higher scores for legalizing these new innovative services or enabling access to recycling pilot projects and were penalized if they imposed onerous restrictions or requirements.

While evaluating the “Fast Internet” category, we found that while internet connectivity speeds improved nationwide, some municipalities imposed taxes on streaming media services which negatively impacted their state’s score in “Tax Friendliness” category.


Overall, 14 states dropped in our rankings, six states rose, six states returned as Innovation Champions – our highest ranking – and four states were named Innovation Champions for the first time.

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