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Prior Approval

As a trade association the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ and CTAPAC are required by federal law to have your authorization before we ask for your financial help. This form does not obligate you to contribute to CTAPAC, but does allow us to share more information on political and legislative activities.  

The Consumer Technology Association Political Action Committee (CTAPAC) protects your freedom to build and sell consumer technology products, services and platforms. CTAPAC helps advance the legislative priorities of CTA by supporting political candidates who defend innovation and champion causes that enable the industry to thrive.

Please complete this form for prior approval.

What Happens When You Give Prior Approval to CTAPAC?


  1. CTAPAC will continue to serve as the industry’s most effective tool for helping to elect officials who support policies in favor of our industry.
  2. CTAPAC will allow you to learn more about the PAC, how it is helping your business and make a choice whether or not to support it financially.
  3. CTAPAC will provide you and anyone from your company that you designate, updates on the issues affecting the consumer technology industry and what CTA is doing to help your business.
  4. CTAPAC will provide you or anyone from your company that you designate with the materials and information to get other employees involved if you want to.

What CTAPAC Will NOT Do:

  1. CTAPAC will not directly solicit or contact your employees without your permission. Bottom line: They will not hear from us unless you say it’s ok.
  2. CTAPAC will not make you contribute. Signing a prior approval form does not obligate you, or anyone else at your company, to make a financial commitment – it simply allows you the opportunity to learn more and contribute if you want to.
  3. CTAPAC will not repeatedly contact you for a contribution.
  4. CTAPAC will not forget to include you in special communications and benefits reserved only for those who have given prior approval.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelsey Odom.
Thank you for your interest in CTAPAC.