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Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, has authored more than 800 opinion pieces highlighting the importance of innovation in the U.S. economy.


Title Date Publication
Let’s Respect Each Other During The Impeachment Process November 05, 2019 Daily Caller


Title Date Publication
What We Can Accomplish Together in a Bipartisan Country October 25, 2019 Chief Executive
Trump’s Phase One deal with China is promising, but not enough October 24, 2019 Washington Examiner
Candidates, nation must focus on larger issues October 23, 2019 Columbus Dispatch
Blockchain promises a future of security October 08, 2019 Detroit News
Why American innovation matters and how we stay on top Facebook Twitter October 07, 2019 Fox Business


Title Date Publication
New trade pact with Canada and Mexico deserves quick congressional approval September 19, 2019 Fox News
2019 State of the Industry September 12, 2019 Digital Imaging Reporter
Steering Clear of the Cliff: How Innovation Can Help Heal Our Health Care System September 12, 2019 Morning Consult


Title Date Publication
The Business Roundtable Renews Our National Future August 23, 2019 LinkedIn
Congress — Stop Attacking America’s Tech Leaders August 20, 2019 Daily Caller
Henderson’s win-win short-term rental plan August 18, 2019 Las Vegas Review-Journal


Title Date Publication
We Need to Support – Not Destroy – America’s Top Tech Companies to Protect Democracy July 24, 2019 Morning Consult
Trump should do these things to boost our economy July 22, 2019 Fox News
In defense of big tech July 21, 2019 Fox Business
Is the U.S.-China Relationship Worth Saving? July 04, 2019 American Spectator


Title Date Publication
In defense of the facial recognition technology that SF banned June 25, 2019 San Francisco Chronicle
My Takeaways from CES Asia 2019 June 24, 2019 LinkedIn
President Trump’s Isolationist Economic Fence Threatens Our Economic Future June 22, 2019 Townhall
Are Unicorns Headed for Extinction in the EU? June 18, 2019 Issues & Insights
Confusing state, local regulations threaten drone industry June 03, 2019 Baltimore Sun
College admissions scandal highlights fundamental flaws in higher education June 02, 2019 Fox News


Title Date Publication
Don’t Be Afraid of a Cashless Future May 16, 2019 Route Fifty
Section 230 Keeps The Internet Open For Innovation May 15, 2019 Techdirt
More employers should sign this pledge and help close the skills gap May 10, 2019 Fox Business
We Need a Federal Privacy Law – Not a Patchwork of State Laws May 06, 2019 Morning Consult


Title Date Publication
Five Ways George Mason University is Doing Tech Innovation Right April 18, 2019 LinkedIn
CES® Entrepreneurs Share These Four Important Traits April 10, 2019 LinkedIn
A Patchwork of Privacy Laws Will Stifle Innovation April 09, 2019 Route Fifty
Want to stand out from the crowd? Cultivate resilience April 03, 2019 Smart Cities Dive
How to Access the Power – and Avoid the Pitfalls – of IoT April 01, 2019 CIO Techie


Title Date Publication
A Recession May Be Looming. Here's How Trump Can Protect the Economy March 19, 2019 RealClearPolicy
Caution Costs: Lessons Learned From G7 in Canada March 10, 2019 American Spectator
Ninja innovation and the future of work March 06, 2019 World Economic Forum Blog
How Innovation and Cooperation Across the Atlantic Can Power a Post-Brexit Future March 05, 2019 The American
What 5G can do for DC March 04, 2019 Washington Examiner


Title Date Publication
Amazon is a Perfect Fit for Crystal City February 25, 2019
Health Technology in Ninja Future: Secrets to Success in the New World of Innovation February 20, 2019 Tech.pinions
Why Ninja Innovators Make Five Year Plans February 19, 2019 LinkedIn
Why Our Government Leaders Must Take the Wheel on Self-Driving Vehicles in 2019—and How They Can Do it February 13, 2019 NextGov
The Power of Patient Data February 13, 2019 LinkedIn
Trump Administration’s Smart Move to Cut Health Care Costs February 08, 2019 Morning Consult
The U.S. risks being outpaced on innovation within the next 10 years February 07, 2019 VentureBeat
Trump laid out an infrastructure strategy for growth – Let's get moving and unite around it February 06, 2019 Fox News


Title Date Publication
We Now Live In a “Permissionless” World January 31, 2019 LinkedIn
Who should regulate drones? January 28, 2019 Hawaii Free Press
Self-Driving Vehicles on the Road to America’s Ninja Future January 18, 2019 American Spectator
To conquer today’s business world, think like a ninja January 18, 2019 LinkedIn
What the US needs to maintain leadership in 5G, tech innovation January 07, 2019 Fox Business
Ninja innovators: Who they are, and why CES is the place to find them January 06, 2019 Las Vegas Sun
CES highlights innovation across corporate America January 05, 2019 Las Vegas Review-Journal