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Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, has authored more than 800 opinion pieces highlighting the importance of innovation in the U.S. economy.


Title Date Publication
Unity in the face of tragedy is good practice for unity, period. We are more than our politics October 15, 2017 Fox News
Why a new NAFTA needs strong digital protections October 15, 2017 The Globe and Mail
The Importance of Bringing Broadband to the Heartland October 05, 2017 Route Fifty
L.A. should make it easier to enjoy home-sharing opportunities October 02, 2017 Los Angeles Daily News


Title Date Publication
Three Reasons to Get Excited About Self-Driving Cars September 20, 2017 U.S. News & World Report
Self-Driving Truck Technology Is the Answer to Safer Roads September 12, 2017 Morning Consult
We Must Come Together as a Nation September 01, 2017 American Spectator


Title Date Publication
Supreme Court Has Another Chance To Help Take Down The Patent Trolls August 24, 2017 Techdirt
10 Bipartisan Ideas for Affordable, Quality Health Care August 09, 2017 Real Clear Health
Yes, President Trump Is Making America Great Again August 07, 2017 Investor's Business Daily


Title Date Publication
Connecting California through small cell deployment July 27, 2017 Orange County Register
Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Smart Cities Now July 24, 2017 GE Reports
As head of National Governors Association, Sandoval will spark innovation July 14, 2017 Las Vegas Sun
A Congress America wants and needs - a divided and unpopular government hurts us at home and overseas July 14, 2017 Fox News
Why Macron and Trump Need Each Other to Succeed July 13, 2017 American Spectator


Title Date Publication
Preparing for jobs of the future June 23, 2017 Detroit News
Big leaps for tiny tech June 09, 2017 Enterprise Innovation
Affordable hearing aids should be a bipartisan issue June 05, 2017 Washington Examiner
China, the U.S. and the Silk Road Spirit June 05, 2017 LinkedIn


Title Date Publication
Trump Has Stayed True To His Voters May 26, 2017 Daily Caller
Don’t Trust Antitrust Tactics: Why America Must Push for Parity in Europe May 19, 2017 Morning Consult
Firing Comey Proved Trump Acts Like America’s CEO May 12, 2017 American Spectator
Macron is the Disruptive, Tech-Savvy Outsider France Needs May 05, 2017 Medium
Prepare for 'Software Everywhere' May 03, 2017 U.S. News & World Report
Ivanka Is the Business-Savvy Feminist We Need in the White House May 02, 2017 American Spectator


Title Date Publication
5 transformative consumer tech trends assns should watch out for April 27, 2017 Association TRENDS
Save Airbnb: Don't let city council destroy D.C.'s home sharing economy April 26, 2017 Washington Examiner
France’s Presidential Runoff Is a Victory for Global Business April 23, 2017 Fortune
Merit-Based Immigration Has Merit April 20, 2017 Washington Business Journal
The Trump administration might put the ‘extreme’ in ‘extreme vetting’ April 17, 2017 The Washington Post
France’s Elections Should Worry Americans Too April 13, 2017 Fortune
Report on Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority ignores many important facts April 10, 2017 Las Vegas Review-Journal


Title Date Publication
Why ‘America Winning’ Will Need Trump and Tech Together March 16, 2017 Morning Consult
Texas leaders should embrace ride-hailing statewide March 14, 2017 Austin American-Statesman
How The Trump Presidency has Already Changed America March 13, 2017 Medium
A performance review in the wake of an earlier self-review. March 10, 2017 American Spectator
Trump challenges America to 'think big' (and he might just succeed) March 01, 2017 Fox News


Title Date Publication
Why a Border Tax is a Tax on Middle America February 23, 2017 Morning Consult
Are we still the shining city upon a hill? February 17, 2017 Huffington Post
What America Can Learn From Canada About Immigration Reform February 16, 2017 Fortune
Cars, country and Secretary Chao: How America can prepare for self-driving cars February 13, 2017 Fox News
Congress: Want America to Innovate? We need smart regulation. February 01, 2017 Medium


Title Date Publication
Why CES Is the World’s Best Hub For Global Business January 27, 2017 LinkedIn
Will Trump Be as Great as Lincoln? January 24, 2017 American Spectator
Five Ways President Trump Can Change The Trade Dynamic And Create Great Jobs January 20, 2017 Investor's Business Daily
What the Five Year Anniversary of the SOPA/PIPA Blackout Can Teach Congress About Tech January 19, 2017 Techdirt
Let's Go Humans January 12, 2017 Huffington Post
What Will Be the Trump Card in U.S.-Chinese Relations? January 06, 2017 Morning Consult
How consumer-driven energy solutions are transforming tech January 06, 2017 Orange County Register
The road to a safer driving future January 05, 2017 Detroit News
Thanks to Convention Center expansion, CES is here for the long-term January 05, 2017 Las Vegas Sun
What keeps the CES experience exciting January 03, 2017 Las Vegas Review-Journal
Top tech guru: Three things Congress, Trump can learn from CES January 03, 2017 Fox News