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Celebrating and Advancing the Audio Industry

Michael Petricone, SVP, Government and Regulatory Affairs, CTA

The audio industry continues to grow and contribute to the American economy in significant ways. Just last month, a study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA) found that for a second consecutive year, smart speakers experienced almost a 100% increase in household ownership. Another study by iHeartMedia says the audio landscape is exploding and experiencing exponential growth across various categories including podcast and radio content consumption.

CTA works rigorously to support and advance the audio sector in the U.S. For example, CTA unveiled a documentary-style video series on the emerging high-resolution audio platform that features eight renowned artists and producers – including the studio engineer behind legendary Beatles albums – telling the stories behind the recording of celebrated music tracks.  

But the industry also faces challenges like tariffs and patent trolls that threaten the health and growth of companies. Here are some ways in which CTA supports the industry:

Fighting against tariffs on audio products 

CTA is leading the fight against the Trump China tariffs, which punish small audio companies by raising prices and reducing consumer demand.

Fighting for fair and reasonable music licensing laws

CTA supported the Music Modernization Act, which will make it easier to license and stream music. It’s also why CTA opposes attempts by groups that handle music licensing, such as ASCAP’s and BMI to overturn the so-called “consent decrees.” If the collection societies are successful in changing the law, the result will lead to more lawsuits against businesses that feature and use music.

Fighting for a thriving streaming music economy

CTA has successfully opposed bills like PIPA and SOPA, which would have allowed third parties to unilaterally shut down music services and websites.

Fighting against patent trolls

Patent trolls’ business is bringing costly bogus lawsuits against small audio and other tech companies. CTA works to make sure America’s patent system is not misused for extortion schemes.

Fighting to allow the world’s best and brightest to come to the U.S.

As with every other part of the tech economy, immigrant entrepreneurs play an major role in driving audio innovation. CTA plays a leading role in making sure the world’s smartest innovators can live and start businesses in America.

Audio continues to play an integral role in the tech and entertainment industries. Just like CTA fights for what’s fair and best for all tech, we fight for what’s fair and best for audio companies, every step of the way.