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11 Twitter Accounts Covering Skilled Immigration Reform You Need to Follow

Bronwyn Flores, Communications, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association

As the number of legislative days for the 113th Congress dwindles, calls for immigration reform are strengthening. In June 2013, the Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 to address our nation’s shortage of high-skilled workers. While the House has considered a number of immigration reform bills in committees, none has been presented on the floor for a vote.

CEA supports legislative reform that encourages foreign-born entrepreneurs, workers and U.S.-educated immigrants to come to the United States, build businesses and create domestic jobs. To stay up-to-date on legislative activity and research surrounding skilled immigration reform, check out these 11 Twitter accounts covering the issue around the clock.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin
Senator Durbin, a Democratic member of the Gang of Eight, was instrumental in crafting last year’s Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act and uses his own brand of “hashtag activism” to rally support via his Twitter account.

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake

A Republican member of the Gang of Eight, Senator Flake played a key role in reaching across the aisle to secure party votes for the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. Comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority – and often Tweeted topic – for Senator Flake, as he represents the border state of Arizona.

Seung Min Kim, Congressional Reporter for POLITICO
@seungminkim Seung Min covers activity on the Hill with a keen eye for movement on immigration reform policy. Her tweets are based in data, often with a side of DC policy humor.

The Partnership for a New American Economy

This group – co-chaired by some of corporate America’s biggest names – unites business and municipal leaders to fix America’s broken immigration system. The Partnership’s Twitter account offers a variety of valuable resources from newly-released data to interviews with immigrant entrepreneurs and STEM graduates facing the realities of stalled immigration reform.

Julia Preston, National Immigration Correspondent for The New York Times
@JuliaPrestonNYT A correspondent for The New York Times, Julia’s beat is immigration and her Twitter account is a top source for breaking news. In addition, she portrays the human-side of policy reform with in-depth reporting from the border.

Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL and Chairman of The Case Foundation and Revolution

There’s no denying Steve’s clout in the tech community. As an industry leader, he uses his Twitter account as a platform to engage with entrepreneurs and advocate for policies which directly affect the startup community, such as skilled immigration reform.

Erica Werner, Congressional Reporter for AP

Erica’s take on immigration reform hones in on Washington’s partisan politics. For instance, early in 2014 she wrote contentious piece on former Representative Eric Cantor, which labeled him “immigration advocates’ public enemy number one.”

Vivek Wadhwa, Researcher and author of The Immigrant Exodus: Why America is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent

In his many roles – Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance, Director of Research at Duke University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization, Distinguished Fellow at Singularity University – Vivek researches and lectures on emerging technologies and public policy. An industry thought leader, his tweets often focus on the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley.

Paul McDaniel, Immigrant Entrepreneur and Innovation Fellow at the Immigration Policy Center and Research Fellow at the American Immigration Council

A researcher by day, Paul’s Twitter account offers a well-curated view of state, national and international factors in the immigration reform debate. He also tweets links to his latest blog posts, which focus on urban regional analysis.

Compete America

Compete America is a coalition of corporations, universities, think tanks and trade associations advocating for immigration reform for highly-educated professionals. The group’s Twitter account is a great catch-all resource for latest work and data from its many member groups.

Sara Ashley O’Brien, Reporter for CNNMoney and CNNMoney Small Business

Sara reports on national and international startups, often with a comparative angle that hits skilled immigration reform. Her account is a great source for her latest articles and relevant pieces from other top news organizations.